The Complete Guide to Brick Slips and Brick Tiles

October 27th 2020

Why Brick Slips? The complete guide to Brick Slips and Brick Tiles.

What do you do when you want a brick effect but don't want to lay any actual bricks?

The brick aesthetic has reached new levels of popularity in recent years, from exposed brick feature walls to refurbished warehouse apartments and offices.

It's a great look, but it's not always achievable by simply pulling away the wallpaper & plaster.

Fortunately, there is another way.

Brick slips or brick tiles allow you to achieve your desired look without laying a single brick.

In this blog we look at the benefits of brick tiles, clear up some confusion about the names and let you know how you can get hold of them.

What's The Difference Between Brick Slips, Brick Tiles And Brick Veneers?

Before we go any further it's probably a good idea to clear up a common misconception.

If you're looking online for this material you may come across a number of different names.

These can include brick slips, brick tiles, brick veneers, thin bricks and more. Which could lead you to believe there are lots of different types of product available.

The truth is, there is no difference between them. It's a trick question.

All of the names above essentially mean the same thing and have just evolved from regional building industry terminology. You know, to confuse us all.

The most popular term is probably brick slips, but any of the above names are applicable.

For the purposes of this article we'll refer to them as brick tiles. We like this term as it describes how they are applied.

What are Brick Tiles?

Brick tiles are essentially a thin cut of brick that can be applied to a wall like a tile.

They are manufactured either by cutting the face off a brick or simply creating a moulded tile from scratch.

Of course you can get brick tiles made from a number of different materials. Concrete, plaster and really anything that can fit a mould to create the look of a brick. Of course we don't massively rate this approach.

Although they will be cheaper you will certainly compromise on quality and longevity. The best brick tiles are 100% brick with the clay being manufactured in the same way as normal bricks. They're just much thinner!

Just like normal bricks, brick tiles come in many different textures, colours and manufacturing techniques. When applied correctly they should replicate the look of a real brick wall.

They can be used for anything from refacing and improving the look of an existing exterior or are an excellent way of adding features to an interior.

Some great applications include being used on a kitchen or dining room feature wall or as fireplace cladding around an old-fashioned log burner.

They don't just come in one size either. You can get corner tiles and smaller half sizes to make up a realistic looking wall. They can be laid in whatever way you want, replicating detailed laying patterns of different periods if desired.

What are the other benefits of Brick Tiles?

Brick tiles and brick slips don't just have aesthetic benefits, although they're very good for that. They're certainly much more effective than cheap and tacky brick wallpaper.

Instead of being completely superficial though, there are a number of other benefits compared to normal brickwork.

They're Cheaper Than Bricks

One particularly popular benefit is that they can be a cheaper option than laying a brick wall. If you want the brick look but have a tight budget, then maybe going down this route makes sense.

Brick tiles are generally more affordable than bricks and don't involve you making major changes to the existing structure.

Easy to apply

They're also relatively easy to apply and the whole process can be done quickly. Much quicker than laying a brick wall.

Brick tiles could be applied to a feature wall in less than a day, if done by a professional tiler. This way you can get that brick aesthetic in no time at all.

You can even do them yourself by following some fairly simple instructions.

Durable and environmentally friendly

Like bricks, brick tiles are a breathable, non-combustible and recyclable material. These have an impact on the house itself and potentially make it a nicer place to live, as well as being more friendly to the environment.

On top of that, they're also more durable and low maintenance than actual brickwork. This is particularly true on interiors where the brick is not coming into contact with the outside world.

As long as the room is well ventilated and properly heated, there's no reason why a brick tile wall shouldn't last a very long time indeed.

I'm sold. Where can I get them?

With the growing popularity of brick tiles, there are now many places you can get hold of them.

Many brick suppliers sell them and we can even source them ourselves.

As well as that there are specialist brick tile suppliers who trade solely in brick tiles or brick slips.

Why not browse our extensive range of bricks available in tile format? Filter by colour, texture, or even manufacturing process to find the perfect brick tile for the job.

Alternativley, why not check The Brick Tile Company? As the name suggests, they're experts in everything brick tiles.

They're dedicated to selling high quality brick tiles made from real brick and they have a wide range of products to suit any home.

You can get samples from them first to make sure you're happy with your selection and they have accessories for self-application too.

They definitely know their stuff.

Check out their site where you can browse their selection, check out some examples of brick tile walls and learn more about how they can work for your house.