4 Reasons Why Brick Stockists Sell With Us

July 3rd 2022

4 Reasons Why Brick Stockists Work With Us

Selling bricks with Brickhunter is all about collaboration. If you're a stockist looking to sell bricks nationwide, Brickhunter is for you. But you probably want to know what you stand to gain.

In a previous post we talked about how it works and how you sell through our online portal. In this post we'll expand on why you should want to sell with us in the first place.

Who we work with

Through our brick matching, brick selection and brick selling services, we sell bricks nationwide to thousands of customers every year.

We work with over 125 stockists making up thousands of branches, delivering bricks to the people that need them whether that's builders, merchants, or individuals.

Members of our stockist network are based all over the UK. We serve everyone from smaller independents to larger national companies. With a nationwide customer base, it makes sense for our supply chain to be represented across the country too.

So, assuming you're not already, why would you want to be part of our stock member network? Here's 4 reasons.

1) Our brick advisors

One of the main things you get access to when you work with us is our brick advisors. Our team are there to talk to stockists to make sure their needs are met but importantly they're also the ones doing the selling.

Our brick advisors will be recommending your bricks and ensuring that they get into the hands of the right people. You can trust them to do an exceptional job and we've got rave reviews to prove it.

It's no wonder that happy customers champion our "friendly and helpful" service. Our advisors have decades of industry experience between them and know bricks inside and out.

We take pride in providing a personal service which works to everyone's benefit.

2) Our online system

Our convenient and easy to use stock member portal is another feature we're very proud of. We covered this in more detail in our other post but here's a quick run-through of what it does.

We needed an easy way for our stockists to upload and update their stock with all the relevant information. Our online service helps to do that and is exclusive to members of our network.

There are two tiers of membership, and both allow you to make your stock visible on our site. Our brick advisors can then sell your bricks to customers depending on where they are.

It's slick and makes the process of selling bricks easy.

3) Sell bricks nationwide

Another benefit we offer our stockists is that you can sell to a nationwide audience regardless of where you are. This is particularly beneficial for smaller independent and family-owned businesses who are currently restricted to selling in their local area or through the contacts they already have.

We have customers and brick advisors based all over the country, so the likelihood is you'll be able to reach people where they are. That's the power of the internet and it's changing the way the brick and construction industry does business.

4) Access a new customer base

Linked to this, you can sell to people you might not normally sell to. Just as our network means smaller businesses can reach a wider audience, larger more established enterprises can also access a customer base they wouldn't normally interact with directly.

Many self-builders, homeowners and contractors will come to us to match bricks for their project. You want to make sure it's your bricks that our brick advisors are recommending. Because of our connections to that industry, we can get those bricks in front of them.

Get in touch and get your bricks found

If you think it's worth joining our stock member network, get in touch today. We'd be happy to chat through any questions you have.

And did we mention it's free to get started?

That's right. You can join up and start uploading bricks to our portal for free or take out a paid membership and we'll do it for you.

We'd love to hear from you.