Brick Matching

Brickhunter's Brick Matching Service

Trying to find an exact match for your existing bricks can take weeks of research. For a small refundable* fee of £29.99 (inc. VAT) we will do all of the hard work for you in just 24 hours.

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Tell us a bit of information so that we can get your brick match information back to you.

Brickhunter Limited will never sell, license or pass on your contact information to third parties.

For full details of how we use your information please read our privacy policy together with our terms of use.

* Your brick matching fee is refunded in full if you order your bricks with us

You Do a Little

  1. Fill out your details;
  2. Pay your £29.99 (inc. VAT) Brick Matching fee;
  3. Send us 3 or more photos of your bricks.

We Do a Lot

  1. Match Your Brick

    Within one working day advise you of the brick name, code, size and manufacturer (if your brick is still available to buy).

  2. Find Alternatives

    Within one working day advise you of a shortlist of bricks currently available to buy that will be an exact or exceptionally close match, no matter how old your building is.

  3. Send Samples

    Within 3–5 days send you samples of the bricks that are a match.

  4. Price Your Project

    Within 3–5 days send you a quote for your project, including delivery.

  5. Offer Additional Services

    If a match can't be found, we'll introduce you to our Brick Tinting service that, with the application of specially formulated tinting compounds, can make a close match appear exactly like your existing bricks.