7 Advantages Of Using Brick Tiles

7 Advantages Of Using Brick Tiles

March 17th 2023

If you're looking to add a serious injection of style to your living space, the exposed brick look could be just what you need. But if you don't have a ready-made interior wall to reveal, don't worry - brick tiles can create an authentic look in any space without breaking the bank.

The perfect choice if you want to add character and texture to traditional and contemporary spaces alike, we're talking next-level aesthetics here with the inviting warmth that only clay brick brings.

We love brick tiles - of course we do, we love bricks! But why should you choose them over paint or wallpaper?

What are brick tiles?

Brick tiles (also known as brick slips) are thin slices of brick that have been cut from a standard-sized clay brick. Roughly 22mm thick, brick tiles maintain the appearance of a traditional brick and (once on the wall) are indistinguishable from their full-sized counterparts.

Primarily used as a means of interior decoration, their inherant protective properties make brick tiles both heat and weather resistant - which means they're perfect for adding a spot of inside-out flair to your home's exterior too.

Why are they so good?

Where do we start? Here's a round-up of the advantages...

1 They look AMAZING!

Who doesn't like the timeless allure of exposed brickwork? Whether you want to add an element of industrial modernity to your lounge or a touch of vintage glam to your kitchen, it instantly elevates the look of your home.

Brick tiles are an excellent way to add clay brick accents to a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or feature wall. And, used outside, they're a great way to highlight a patio or return a rendered wall to brickwork. Let's face it, however you choose to use brick tiles, the results will look terrific.

2 Easy to install

One of the main reasons for brick tiles' new-found popularity is their ease of installation. They can be applied to any pre-existing interior and exterior wall, floor or surface - and, best of all, you can install everything yourself!

Conventional bricks are laid in mortar and stacked on top of each other. Brick tiles, on the other hand, have more in common with regular tiles when it comes to installation. They are adhered to a panel or applied directly to the surface of a wall using glue or mortar. Simple!

3 Loads of choice

From minimalist modern facades to reclaimed-look tumbled tiles, your options are wide ranging with brick tiles - whether you're looking to match a pre-existing standard brick wall or create a cosy retro look for a brand-new feature.

And because brick tiles are cut from regular-sized bricks, they maintain the same colour, shape and texture as their source material. With a range of colours from traditional reds to greys and browns and textures running from rough to worn or sleek and smooth, the possibilities are endless.

4 Value for money

Brick tiles are great for DIY projects because they're easy to install and cost-effective too. Although brick slips can cost more per unit than standard bricks, when you factor in the savings on skilled labour and transportation costs it's a win-win from the start.

Plus, by using brick tiles on your existing walls, you immediately avoid the labour and material costs associated with preparing the space for standard bricks, which require a much sturdier foundation.

5 Space-saving style

Saving space in your home is important - especially if you live in a flat. Compared with adding a traditional brick wall, brick tiles require a fraction of the room, meaning you save valuable floor space. Four walls with 20mm brick slips would utilise 80mm of floor space; the same design with new brick walls would need 480mm.

6 Light and versatile

Brick tiles can cut delivery and transportation costs because they're lighter than traditional bricks. But their lightweight nature carries other benefits as well - they can be installed on a variety of walls and surfaces, even those that are less foundationally sound.

7 Easy to maintain

Once you've installed your brick tiles, maintaining them is easy. Unlike wood or vinyl, you don't need to apply a protective coating - and you can paint them if that's the look you're going for too. Plus, a simple dusting or scrubbing with warm water and detergent can have your brick tiles looking as good as new in no time!

What are you waiting for?

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