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How To Calculate The Number of Bricks You Need

One of the toughest aspects of building a brick structure is determining how many bricks you will need. Ordering too few can potentially delay your project, while over ordering is a quick way to throw money down the drain. Bricks are expensive, and the cost of your masonry structure can quickly add up, especially if you need to organise the disposal of excess bricks. It's much easier to get it right first time around.

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March 13th 2019

Brick or Render

When it comes to building or improving your home, every material must be carefully considered. Rendering can improve thermal protection but is prone to stains, fading, and cracks. Here we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of building with brick vs render.

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February 27th 2019

How to Finance a Home Improvement Project

Need a nursery? Bigger bedroom? Or a new garage? Not all home improvement projects can wait until you receive a pay rise. In fact, some are urgent and require some additional funding. Here's how to finance your next extension or renovation without any hassle.

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February 13th 2019

Does My Project Require Planning Permission?

Are you looking to build a home, add an extension, or alter an existing building? If so, you might have come across planning permissions. In the UK, any residential development including new builds, extensions, and renovations generally require prior consent from your Local Authority.

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January 22nd 2019

Finding Building Land for a New Home: The Ultimate Guide

The journey from an empty plot to finished home is a long one. Finding and registering your own slice of land can be a tricky process. But, it can also be a lot of fun. Our Ultimate Guide is here to break down the confusion and make your path to buying land as smooth as possible.

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January 7th 2019

Considerations When Building a Commercial Property

When you first started out, your business space was perfect - sleek appliances, a foolproof location, and an ideal amount of space and storage - but now it seems you've outgrown your premise. Perhaps it's time to expand into an untouched market with a new location, or maybe you simply need some extra space and are considering an extension? If your business is booming, a brand new build may be on the cards.

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December 14th 2018

Building an Extension: A Complete Overview

Whether you want to add a conservatory, extend your garage, or convert your loft into an additional bedroom, building an extension is an economical way to add more space to your home and drive up the value of your property. Before laying the foundation, it's important to know the ins-and-outs of an extension. This way you'll ensure a smooth (and cost-effective) construction project.

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November 28th 2018

Building Your Own Home: A Complete Overview

As daunting as it may seem, building your own home is well within the realm of possibility. In order for your DIY home to become a reality, you'll need to research every aspect of the building process. Thankfully, we've distilled the most important information, so you'll be adequately prepared for the challenge.

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November 12th 2018

How a Shortage of Bricks Could Impact the Construction Industry

Can a brick shortage cause long-lasting effects to the construction industry? The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) released a report in 2016 highlighting the dire position of the UK construction industry. The report claimed Britain is facing an acute brick shortage and an additional 1.4 billion bricks are needed to meet the growing demand of the UK housing market. While the Brick Development Association slammed the report as 'out of date and unhelpful', it did highlight the increasing demand for bricks.

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May 4th 2018

How to Match Your Bricks Successfully

Are you undertaking an extension or renovation? Whether you're repairing existing masonry or adding to an original structure, you'll want to match your bricks successfully. Mismatched bricks can stand out like a sore thumb and make your new development lack visual appeal, and even compromise the structural integrity.

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April 5th 2018

How to Lay Bricks in Winter

When it comes to laying bricks, a slight chill in the air and the need for a light jacket is nothing to worry about. But, when the temperature starts to drop, and frost or snow is on the horizon, your brick laying process needs a little tweaking.

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March 6th 2018