Delivery FAQ


How Much Does Delivery Cost for My Sample Order?

Brickhunter Sample Orders are priced including shipping. No additional fee is required for delivery of sample orders.

When Will My Sample Order Be Delivered?

Sample Orders are handled by Brickhunter during usual working hours (Monday-Friday 8-5), therefore any order placed outside these hours should be placed with the understanding that it will not be processed outside the window stated above.

When ordering a brick sample from our website, take note of the "Estimated Sample Delivery Date". This date is based upon historic order data, meaning the dates we provide should be highly accurate, but are still only estimates of when we expect you should receive your sample(s). The dates also differ from brick to brick, so if you order multiple samples they may be delivered separately and/or at different times - please take note of this at the point of order.

If there are any changes that may affect delivery, a member of the Brickhunter team will contact you to advise.

What Delivery Options Are Available For Sample Orders?

Brickhunter doesn't offer different delivery options for sample orders - we aim to deliver them as soon as we possibly can.

How Will My Sample Order Be Delivered?

Sample Orders are delivered via courier, and may require a signature upon delivery.

What If My Sample Order is Late Or Has Been Delayed?

We'll always try our best to ensure your sample order is delivered by the Estimated Sample Delivery Date, but we can not guarantee you will receive your samples by the indicated date.

Brickhunter will not be held responsible for failing to deliver sample orders within the indicated timescales, provided we deliver within a reasonable period.

If we encounter any issues that prevent us from delivering your sample order within a reasonable period, a member of the team will reach out to you and give you the option to cancel your order, or wait for delivery.

If you choose to cancel your sample order, Brickhunter will issue you a full refund.

Where does Brickhunter Deliver Sample Orders?

Brickhunter delivers sample orders to all postcodes within the United Kingdom. This includes the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland, but excludes the Republic of Ireland.

What if My Sample Order Arrives Damaged?

All sample orders are packed suitably to mitigate damage during transit. In the unlikely event that a sample order arrives damaged, Brickhunter is happy to arrange a replacement sample to be delivered, free of charge, if the option is available to us.