2021 Bricklayer's Gift Guide

December 24th 2021

Great brick related present ideas for brick lovers and self-builders

Need some inspiration for brick related Christmas or birthday presents? We've got a good selection of gift ideas in this post.

The brick lover in your life may already have all the brick related merchandise they could ever possibly want. If they haven't there's one or two suggestions here.

But if they have, we've also got some gifts that should be genuinely useful or just interesting. In some cases, these gifts are great for young people to inspire the next generation of builders.

If you're into self-building or planning on getting started on something of that nature soon, then some of these gifts will be ideal.

Whether the person you're buying for is a brick lover, brickie, DIY enthusiast or a self-builder, there's something here for you.

For imagining your dream house:

Lego bricks

Who said LEGO is just for kids? Not only do the toy company have their own dedicated adult range for more advanced builders but there's nothing stopping you getting miscellaneous, non-themed sets to let your imagination run wild.

A set like this one is perfect if you want to flesh out some ideas of what your dream house is going to look like. Sure, it's not going to be an accurate fully realised architect's model but it's a good start. And they'll probably have fun doing it.

LEGO Classic 1500-Piece Brick Set 10717

For inspiring the next generation:

Mini terracotta brick sets

Mini terracotta brick sets used to be all the rage as an alternative to Lego. But you can still get hold of them today and even buy sets of mini model bricks and mortar to create what you want.

If you're looking to give a young one a practical gift to get them away from the screen and scratch their crafty itch, why not unleash their inner brickie, on a smaller scale.

For self-build inspo:

Magazine subscription

If you're planning a self-build or extension or some other building project, DIY or otherwise, there are some great magazines out there for you.

Popular titles include Build it and Homebuilding and Renovating although there are others.

Magazine subscriptions make a great Christmas present as they give someone something to read throughout the year.

If you're planning a self-build or extension or some other building project, DIY or otherwise, there are some great magazines out there for you.

For planning your next build:

Builder stationery

You may already have plenty of this but there's specific kinds of stationery that come in very handy during a build, and can also need replacing.

We're thinking pencils (that you're happy to lose or break) for marking up plans and making notes, tape measures for... measuring and a stick of chalk for marking things on actual brickwork or block masonry.

You can never have too many of these simple things.

For the latest tools:

Trowel or spirit level

Spirit levels particularly are a very valuable tool that can end up getting into a state. A mortar splattered spirit level is no good if you can't see the bubble, right?

Check out some of the products below for inspiration.

Trowels from B&Q The best spirit levels this year

For the booklover:

Brick books

We covered some of the best out there in this blog post

Yeah, not everyone loves books but there's a surprisingly large number of great brick related books out there. And books also make great presents.

From architectural wonders made of brick, to a history of the bricks themselves there's plenty in our previous post to give you some inspiration.

Some of the books we mentioned include Phaidon's Brick by William Hall and British Bricks by David Kitching

For your next cuppa:

Brick mugs

Ok so you've got to get some brick merch in their somewhere.

Chances are they've already got a brick related mug but if not, there's plenty out there to choose from. Plus, if they're using it on the construction site, it'll soon get broken, so they'll need a spare before too long.

You can never have too many mugs, and the ones on sale here range from groan-fodder to 'actually quite clever'. Who knows, it might become their favourite mug. Which probably means it won't last forever. We recommed somewhere like Etsy - not only will you find great, unique mugs, but you'll also be supporting small businesses in the processes.

Etsy mugs

For the tunes:

Portable speaker

One thing that makes for a classic construction site is a good set of speakers. Get the tunes playing while you trowel and bob along while you build.

Of course, it needs to be weatherproof and be able to withstand a bit of bashing around or the odd fall, and it will probably get messy too.

There's a great list of good speakers below that are pretty tough and produce great sound. That said maybe they won't want to take their brand new speakers on site with them...

Best outdoor speakers

If in doubt:

A B&Q gift card

Of course, a good fail safe present is always a gift card. And what better for a DIY and building enthusiast than the home of DIY itself, B&Q.

You can buy tools, materials and more from this shop so there's bound to be something they need. And other stores are of course available.

We hope you've enjoyed this bit of inspiration and whilst they don't make the best Christmas presents, if you ever need bricks, you know where to turn.