Match Your Bricks The Easy Way With Brickhunter

Match Your Bricks The Easy Way With Brickhunter

August 15th 2023

Planning an extension, property repair or renovation, and struggling to find the bricks you need to do a seamless job? With thousands of options to choose from, trying to find an exact match for your existing bricks on your own can take weeks - and that's providing they're still in production.

That's why our essential Brick Matching service has been designed to help you find the best solution with minimum fuss in super-quick time - and it costs just £29.99 (inc. VAT), which you'll get back if you decide to buy your bricks through us too.

With a collective 260+ years' national industry experience, our specialist team is standing by to find the bricks you're looking for wherever you are - and, whether it's an exact match or the next best thing, we'll deliver the results within one working day.

How it works

Just send us a few photos of the bricks you need us to match, and we'll do the rest!

Step 1

Tell us a bit about yourself

Step 2

Pay your £29.99 (inc. VAT) Brick Matching fee

Step 3

Share some photos of the bricks you're looking for

Step 4

Wait for your match - it could be with you in as little as 24 hours

We're here for you...

It really is that easy. Plus, we can help you figure out how many bricks you'll need to buy for your build, then source them and help you find the best price - we'll even arrange delivery too.

Matching your bricks successfully is a major step towards achieving successful brickwork with a flawless finish, whatever the project - and our expert team is ready to help you now...