Why We Love Bricks

October 20th 2021

Love bricks?

Whether you're a brick lover like us or you're new to the world of clay bricks, hopefully you'll enjoy this comprehensive list of reasons why we think bricks are great.

Maybe you've got a house-build planned and you've heard brick is the way to go but just need a little more convincing.

Or perhaps you're torn between brick and render for that new extension.

Well, there aren't many arguments against using brick but there are plenty in favour.

Here's our top reasons why we love brick.

1. Versatility

Who knew something so simple could be so versatile?

Although each individual brick doesn't amount to much, when used together with other bricks, they make for a highly versatile building material.

We know this because of how many architectural styles use brick. Even many modern builds can take different stylistic forms by using brick.

They also allow for flexibility in building. It's straightforward to add extra parts to a building during its lifespan simply by adding brick structure.

2. Wide Range of Colours and Textures

Clay as a raw material produces a whole range of colours and textures, which differ depending on where the clay has been extracted.

Although you may have some idea of what a typical brick looks like, there are many more colours available. We've written about the range of colours you can have and where they typically come from in this post.

Because of this variety there is no end of aesthetic choices you can make (as long as it complies with the local planning regulations) and often the texture or colour of a brick can change the character of the whole building.

3. Durability

Bricks last forever (pretty much).

A highly durable material when laid in brick masonry, they can withstand all weathers and climates. Over time they will of course wear a little and the look will change, although many would argue this improves the look rather than worsens it.

Ultimately most brick buildings should last for a very long time, creating lasting value -- hence why housing is usually a very good investment.

4. Energy Efficiency

If you're looking for an energy efficient building material, your best bet is brick. We've talked about this on our blog before.\ Brick is excellent at keeping heat in buildings and when used in quality brick masonry, such as a brick cavity wall, it can be beneficial both for the environment and the occupiers' bills.

5. Environmental Benefits

It's not just the energy efficiency of bricks themselves that has a positive impact on the environment. There are several other benefits also.

Firstly, the manufacturing process is energy efficient. Using locally sourced material and renewable energy as well as a focus on recycling old materials means brick manufacturers can claim to be largely environmentally friendly.

The extraction of clay is also done in a way that means the sites can be reconstructed and reused for other things.

Finally, bricks are recyclable. If a building isn't needed any more, it can be dismantled, and the bricks become 'reclaimed'.

6. Sourced Locally

The fact they're sourced locally is a pretty good reason to use brick. Using brick is often a great way of supporting British businesses that have been around for a long time.

The clay that is used by these manufacturers is often mined very close to where they are fired, which has been the case for centuries of brick making in the UK.

Because these kilns are located close to the quarry the transportation costs and environmental impact is also lessened.

7. Easy to build with

A big reason why bricks are so popular is that they are easy to build with. The building process for brick houses is relatively straightforward.

It may not be the quickest method now available to builders, but bricklaying is a skill that has been around for a long time and is well established as a way of building a reliable and sturdy building.

Other methods of building often require specialist manufacturing and transportation. The brick supply chain on the other hand is well established.

8. Easy to get hold of

The final reason is that in the UK bricks are easy to get hold of.

We would know because we supply them. In fact if you're after bricks of any kind we're really your best bet.

A wide range of stockists, contacts across the industry and a fully remote, online service mean we can get exactly what you're looking for.

Get in touch today if you need bricks. Our expert Brick Advisors will help you find the right brick for the job