How to Choose the Right Bricks for Energy Efficient Buildings

How to Choose the Right Bricks for Energy Efficient Buildings

February 19th 2024

**We live in a highly eco-conscious society, and the fight to save our planet means paying more attention to our individual - and collective - carbon footprint.

The construction industry is making significant strides in adopting new technologies and promoting sustainability using eco-friendly materials. And if you want to contribute to the global effort, it's worth thinking about the types of bricks you use.

We're about to reveal the most energy-efficient bricks for your construction project in this guide.

The importance of choosing energy-efficient bricks

Choosing cheap building materials might seem like a good idea, but are you getting value for money? Any building is meant to offer security, but using substandard materials can result in severe leaks and costly repairs.

Let's explore why energy-efficient bricks are a wise investment for your construction project.

Aligning with regulations

Building regulations are adapting to meet energy efficiency standards, which is particularly important for commercial and rental properties. These buildings adhere to guidelines set in place by the government.

Choosing cheap materials that don't offer sustainability can lead to expensive adaptations in the future, but energy-efficient bricks ensure landlords can successfully rent the property.

Reduced consumption

Did you know that buildings in Europe are responsible for 40% of our total energy consumption? These findings published by the UK Energy Research Centre highlight our reliance on gas and electricity.

While using energy-efficient bricks won't completely reduce the need for artificial heating, they can maintain warmth in rooms and reduce your usage during the colder months.

Sustainable manufacturing

Most efficient building materials require less intensive manufacturing or can utilise technological advances that revolutionise their production.

When using materials, looking at their carbon footprint and evaluating whether you're making a responsible decision is essential. Materials that require excessive heat or treatments use a lot of resources, which can impact the environment.

What are the options?

In general, two brick types are ideal for energy-efficient construction projects, but new technologies continue to emerge.

Clay bricks

Clay bricks are renowned for their durability and look great in any construction, but they're also one of the most sustainable materials. With a range of beneficial properties, using clay bricks can help you save money on energy bills and look forward to longevity.

Let's take a look at the advantages of clay bricks in more detail.

Thermal Mass Clay bricks alone aren't excellent insulators, but they can perform well when combined with other materials. Most constructions combine the bricks with cavity walls and insulation materials. The bricks shine in terms of thermal mass, enabling them to absorb and retain heat. This can help you reduce your reliance on central heating during the winter, resulting in spending less money on energy bills.

Fewer Resources Traditional clay-making methods involved using a kiln, resulting in an energy-intensive process. However, technology now means there are more sustainable ways to manufacture clay, including utilising renewable energy. Recycled clay brick waste can also have other uses in construction, reducing our reliance on cement and other less sustainable materials (Science Direct).

Longevity People often choose clay bricks because they're easy to recycle and last hundreds of years. Many other construction materials can't even get near this lifespan, and you can recycle clay bricks once you're finished with them.

Concrete bricks

Concrete bricks are another popular option because they're affordable and sustainable. They're rarer than clay bricks, but still boast a range of features that could mean they're an option - especially if you're on a tight budget.

Lower Production Costs Concrete is a lot cheaper to produce than traditional wood and bricks. It requires fewer resources, which means you can save money on purchasing them. Most materials that require extensive work during production cost more, but concrete bricks enable you to save money.

Insulation All buildings should have some form of insulation to prevent severe temperature changes, and concrete performs better than many other materials. If you use concrete during the construction process, it can regulate the temperature of your home and stop cold air from getting in. Concrete bricks can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%, making them a worthwhile investment.

Less waste As concrete is a relatively low-maintenance material, it's less likely to require constant care. While many materials are susceptible to moisture, concrete is resistant, so you won't have to replace it or invest in chemical solutions.

Things to consider when choosing bricks for your eco-friendly building project

So, now you know why energy-efficient bricks are vital, it's time to look at what you should consider before investing in them.

The bricks you invest in should suit your practical needs and align with your design preferences.


While some people prefer traditional clay bricks, others are exploring concrete blocks or emerging technologies. It depends on what look you want to achieve and where you plan to use the bricks.

For example, concrete blocks can be effective for commercial buildings, but fans of traditional design might find clay bricks best for residential properties.


Obviously, the outright costs of your bricks do matter, but it's essential to think about long-term cost savings. Opting for quality materials often requires a more significant investment, but they can also reduce energy bills.

Also, durable bricks can withstand rain and wind, allowing you to avoid costly repairs.


Quality is another key consideration when choosing energy-efficient bricks. There are plenty of places to buy them, but choosing a reputable UK brick marketplace - like Brickhunter - gives you peace of mind that your materials will offer durability.

Check for testimonials and ensure the supplier has a returns policy to avoid wasting money.

Invest in energy-efficient bricks today

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