DIY Brickwork Projects: Creative Ideas for Home Improvement Enthusiasts

DIY Brickwork Projects: Creative Ideas for Home Improvement Enthusiasts

March 16th 2024

Affordable, durable, and endlessly stylish, bricks are staples for construction projects. Today, they come in a range of finishes and colours, allowing people to put their unique stamp on exterior and interior projects.

If you're a DIY enthusiast, there are so many things you can do with bricks - and we're about to reveal them in this post.

From simple tasks that upcycle old bricks to complex projects that keep you busy, these DIY brickwork projects will revamp your property.

Exterior home improvements

Whether you have a lavish garden or a small patio, bricks can elevate your property's exterior. New bricks, with their unique colour options and streamlined finishes, are ideal for contemporary designs.

Old bricks are a sustainable choice for DIY projects as they often end up in landfills. The manufacturing process for new bricks uses energy, but recycling old bricks means you can save money and still create some impressive projects.

Walls and borders

Old bricks might not look as polished as new ones, but that doesn't mean you can't put them to good use. Your garden should be a secure place to retreat from the world and relax. Bricks can help you section off parts of your garden by creating walls. Laying bricks on the bottom and adding hedges or wooden fences will create visual detail. If you plan to add plants and flowers to the garden, why not use bricks as planters? They create a rustic aesthetic for traditional British gardens and require less maintenance than wooden planters.

Garden paths

Paths bring order to gardens, clearly splitting areas and creating a functional outdoor space. Bricks are ideal for pathways because they're easy to work with and provide stability for children and older people. When creating your garden path, make sure you use bricks that are similar in size to create an even finish. Bricks are a staple because of their versatility. Whether you want a simple pattern or something more elaborate, bricks will consistently deliver.

Brick sheds

You can also use bricks to build sheds instead of traditional wood, creating a unique building. Sheds are ideal for storage or as a warm place to socialise in the colder months. Bricks have excellent insulation properties and are also fire resistant. Older bricks contribute to a country-style look, while newer bricks can create a modern storage space.

Brick ponds

Creating a pond is an easy but stylish way to reuse old bricks. Bricks can either form the foundations of the pond or create decorative borders. Better still, you can use traditional red clay bricks or lighter tones. While brick ponds are practical, creating an escape route is essential in case animals fall into the pond.

Interior brick ideas

Bricks are highly popular in interior design, especially for fans of the industrial style. Think New York lofts, old warehouses, and chilled-out spaces - bricks play a key role in their aesthetic appeal.

So, if you want to create an ultra-chic living or commercial space, these brick ideas won't disappoint.

Exposed brick walls

Give your home the authenticity it deserves with an exposed brick wall. These walls can align with traditional and contemporary aesthetics, depending on your chosen style and colours. For example, darker bricks look fantastic in modern, minimalistic properties, while traditional bricks can create a rustic appeal.

Brick fireplaces

Is there anything more peaceful than a brick fireplace? Fireplaces turn a building into a home, whether for active use or decoration. Bricks are heat resistant, making them ideal for fireplaces. If you're not keen on a brick fireplace, how about a fire pit? They're perfect for summer and winter, giving you a year-round entertainment space.


At Brickhunter, we love to see inspirational designs, and bricks on the ceiling catch the eye. On a positive note, the thermal properties of bricks mean using them on the ceiling can reduce your energy bills. However, implementing this kind of design will require specialist knowledge. In most cases, you'll need to hire a professional.


Open-plan homes create the illusion of more space, but you might find you want to add some detail to each room. Archways maintain the open plan but also create visual interest. Archways can separate rooms or even go around the window, creating a beautiful focal point.

Kitchen designs

Nothing says country-style kitchen like bricks - especially when you use deep red or brown colours. Installing bricks around your cooking area can add style to the room while also adding character and warmth. If you use an open shelving system, bricks can display your cookbooks and utensils. Or create a kitchen island for a standout statement.

Bold colours

The best thing about bricks today is their versatility. You'll find a range of styles and colours - not just traditional red clay, white or black bricks. If you have the go big or go home mentality, why not display it with vibrant colours? Greens, blues, and yellows can make a powerful statement, complementing other areas of your home. However, adding too much colour can make the room crowded, so keep it to one wall.


Now for an all-time classic. Brick flooring is affordable and durable, making it ideal for kitchens or other high-traffic rooms. You can arrange the bricks in unique patterns, such as basketweave, or keep it simple with small bricks that align perfectly. Combining colours, such as black and white combinations or subtle blues and blacks, can add more detail to brick flooring. Of course, you can also keep it traditional too.

Ready to revamp your home?

Whether inside or outside, bricks are a long-lasting investment, providing longevity and endless style. Hopefully, the ideas in this post inspire you to get creative and give your home some standout features.

If you're looking for cost-effective bricks, Brickhunter is the place to go. We stock bricks in various colours and finishes from trusted suppliers, making it convenient to revamp your home.

Unsure of how many bricks you need? Get a brick calculation today or contact us for advice. We're always available to help.