Creative Ways to Use Bricks in Interior Design

Creative Ways to Use Bricks in Interior Design

February 18th 2024

Bricks are a staple in construction and often make up a home's exterior, but you can also use them inside. Beautiful to look at, versatile and cost-effective, using bricks in interior design can make any space stand out.

Better still, you can use these ultra-stylish building materials for rustic and contemporary decor. The key to succeeding and creating a streamlined space is understanding how to use bricks effectively.

We're about to reveal some design inspiration in this guide. Let's get straight to it.

Simple designs

If you're new to interior design and don't want to push yourself, starting with a simple design is probably best. These aesthetics still look incredible but are easier to implement and won't cost a fortune.

Isolate one wall

It's a classic in interior design because isolating one wall means your living room or bedroom won't look too crowded. For example, many people choose to put decorative paper over one wall and leave the others, but you can replicate this idea with bricks.

Traditional bricks are versatile and blend with any space, but white bricks are ideal for rustic designs. Grey or dark bricks can bring a contemporary space to life and add visual interest to the room.

Create an Indian-style kitchen

Indian kitchens are popular because they focus on minimalistic design and heaps of counter space. As Indian people typically use a lot of herbs and spices while cooking complex dishes, they need the extra space.

Instead of filling the kitchen with clutter, Indian-style designs usually keep the counters clear - apart from necessities. The walls behind the counters are perfect for making a statement and releasing your creative flair.

Some people use marble tiles, but bricks are also great for these kitchens. You can choose from a spectrum of colours, including red, blue and green or keep it simple with bricks that match the best of your home.

Design a chic bedroom

Bored with your bedroom? It's one of those rooms you have to be careful with because too many colours can be distracting, but nobody wants to relax in a bland room. Bricks can be your best friend here because they add some visual interest but don't overpower it.

You can accentuate the natural style of your room by adding a brick wall. Placing it behind your bed gives you a relaxing yet modern spot to sleep.

Black and white rooms

Black and white are a match made in heaven, so why not revamp tired decor with this beautiful pairing? You can keep the interior of your home simple with white or cream walls but inject black bricks into it as well.

Adding black bricks helps you make a bold statement without going overboard, whether it's one room or multiple rooms.

Quirky ideas

Are you more of a go big or go home kind of person? If so, you'll probably want to go all out and use bricks to create a design that embodies your personality. While these designs can look stunning, they usually require more time and money.

However, if the following ideas get your creative juices flowing, the end result will be worth it.

Create a mosaic effect

Mosaics are ideal for adding visual interest to any room, and choosing the right colours can create a lasting impact. These designs can be tricky, as you need to find colours that match one another and ensure a streamlined finish.

The best way to achieve the mosaic look is to buy brick slips, as they're easy to work with and come in various sizes. You can also choose whether you want a metallic finish or prefer something more subtle.

Showcase your artwork

If you have an extensive art collection, brick walls can be the perfect backdrop for showcasing them. All you need to do is choose the design and install the brickwork to create a focal point in the room.

The trickier part is whether you want to add lights to illuminate different paintings, but people experienced with DIY should be fine with this.

Antiques can also come to life when displayed near a brick wall, and using traditional red clay maintains a refined aesthetic.

Keep the kids happy

Children love the opportunity to get creative, but most people don't want them anywhere near the walls. However, a brick wall could let them unleash their inner Bansky without destroying your home.

Whether in their bedroom or a playroom, your child will have tons of fun and have a designated space to draw, paint or graffiti. If you've got an artistic streak, you might get to join in the fun.

Create unique patterns with bricks

One of the simplest ways to experiment with bricks is using them to create unique patterns. The good news is there's a pattern for every style preference, but some are more complicated than others.

Herringbone is a popular pattern that uses equal bricks to create a unique zigzag effect. You can create the Herringbone style with brick tiles and experiment with other effects, including Pinwheel and Basketweave.

Revamp your flooring

Carpets, laminates and traditional tiles are all good options for flooring, but what about bricks? We often associate them with walls and driveways, but you can also use bricks to create a rustic floor with endless appeal.

Tiles are best for this effect as they're all uniform, but remember that it can get cold during winter. Installing underfloor heating can solve this problem and let you enjoy a beautiful aesthetic that visitors will love.

Ready to get creative?

The key to bringing your vision to life is knowing how to select the right brick style and combining it with your current interior. There are many styles to explore, so don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and create something unique.

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