Choosing the Right Brick Colour for Your Project

Choosing the Right Brick Colour for Your Project

March 19th 2024

Ahh, bricks; they're so simple by design but somehow manage to turn a property's shell into a beautiful statement. The opportunities are endless, whether you're going for a classic look or want to inject contemporary design into your property.

If you think bricks only come in brown, prepare to open your mind to a world of opportunities. Technology means bricks now come in a range of shades, each offering a unique appeal.

If you're taking on a new project and wondering which brick colours will suit your needs, this post has everything you need to know. Let's dive in.

Brick colours for every style preference

The great thing about modern bricks is they're so versatile. Gone are the days when these building materials were more practical because today, it's all about making a statement. So, if you're not a fan of standard colours, prepare to be amazed at the variety of bricks on offer.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones will always be popular because they remind us of nature and merge seamlessly with any property's design. Think brown, beige and tan; you'll know that most builders still use these bricks. Both classic and modern properties come to life with earthy tones, symbolising a connection to nature.

Choose earthy bricks for:

Calming vibes The neutral tones of these bricks are subtle enough to promote a calming and relaxing aesthetic, turning any home into a welcome haven.

Timelessness style While some people find traditional bricks boring, they're reminiscent of classic style and remind us that the simple things can sometimes be the most beautiful.

Stability We live in a fast-paced world of bright lights and exciting technology. Earthy tones take us back to reality and promote a sense of security.

Red bricks

Red is mainly known as the colour of passion, but numerous shades expand its meaning. Some people have the go-big-or-go-home mindset, while others prefer the appeal of red hues set in an earthy tone. Red bricks are eternally popular because they combine the passion of red with a more subtle earthy hue, creating a stunning style statement.

Choose red bricks for:

Warmth Nothing's more inviting than going home after a long day. Red bricks beckon you inside and help you feel comfortable.

Tradition Many older buildings used red bricks, and traditionalists love turning their home into a reminder of yesterday.

Security Red can make people feel more secure and using it on a property means you can promote a sense of safety.

Black and grey bricks

Nothing says contemporary design like black and grey bricks. They seem simplistic, but these colours make a bold statement that never fails to impress. Modern buildings can use these powerful stones to align their exterior and interior, generating instant curb appeal. Their versatility also means construction professionals can enhance any building, turning tired exteriors into brand-new designs.

Choose black and grey bricks for:

Confidence Make your building stand out with black or grey brickwork and create a lasting statement.

Minimalism While some colours can make a property seem crowded, black and grey are the ultimate solution for minimalists. If you're a less is more kind of person, you'll love these bricks.

Moody vibes For many people, their home is a sanctuary and a place for quiet reflection. Black and grey bricks can create moody vibes for introspection.

Cream and white bricks

Cream and white bricks aren't as popular in the UK as in other countries, but some properties use them. Their unique aesthetic appeal can work well for traditional and contemporary design, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Remember, white bricks will require more maintenance and properties that experience a lot of rain or wind might find they're not a great solution.

Choose cream and white bricks for:

Serenity Make the outside of your property as inviting as the inside, with a white exterior that instantly makes people feel at home.

Sophistication White always manages to convey a degree of sophistication. That's why we often see it in art galleries and contemporary mansions. Now, you can get that same aesthetic for your property.

Space If you want to make your property seem more spacious, white can convey that impression.

Bold bricks

Well, we've covered traditional tones, but what about quirky options? There are plenty to choose between, and bold bricks are ideal if you want to make a statement. However, some people might want to mix them with other tones for a muted effect due to their expressive nature.

Here are some bright colours for your project:

Blue Known for the tranquil and serene feelings it evokes, blue can also instil a sense of security in any property.

Pink As romantic as red but more subtle, pink is ideal for adding a feminine touch to any building.

Orange If you like to add sunshine to your property, orange promotes positive feelings. It's also great for Moroccan vibes.

Green Greens are a bolder alternative to other earthy tones, promoting a sense of nature.

Things to consider when choosing colours for your project

When selecting bricks for your project, remember to think about the look you want to achieve and whether it will make you happy over time. Considering these factors will also help you decide the right colour:

Your home's style Some properties suit contemporary tones more than others. For example, an old farmhouse wouldn't achieve the same statement with black bricks as a new build.

Your location While some people love making bold statements, others prefer a more subtle approach. Looking at other houses on the street will give you an idea of what's allowed.

The lighting Natural light will always impact a property's exterior, and that's why some colours will look better than others. Understanding the surrounding environment will help you choose a shade that lasts.

Your preferences Of course, your style preferences will also play a significant role in colour choices. Our former brick projects will give you some much-needed inspiration.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this post helps you find a brick colour that stands the test of time. Whether you're into earthy hues, contemporary tones, or something more unique, Brickhunter is the go-to place for high-quality bricks.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or shop today and be amazed at our range of building materials.