Brick Fencing: Privacy, Security and Style for Residential Properties

Brick Fencing: Privacy, Security and Style for Residential Properties

March 17th 2024

When it comes to our properties, we all want two things: aesthetic appeal and security. Brick fences are cost-effective solutions that look immaculate while also securing your property.

With the classic style of bricks and their added durability, investing in a brick fence is a wise decision - especially when considering the upkeep costs of wooden fences. In this guide, we'll explore the many benefits of brick fencing and reveal some design inspiration. Let's dive in.

What are brick fences?

Brick fences are exterior structures that cordon off a property or create a secure garden. Unlike traditional fences, brick alternatives offer more longevity and durability. They're also resistant to high winds and provide aesthetic appeal.

There are many forms of brick fence available, including:

Solid These fences are made from solid bricks without openings or gaps. They're popular for extra security, as they block entry to a property without authorised access.

Brick pillars If you want to combine materials, a brick pillar fence can create an immediate statement. Brick pillars set the scene, while wood and other materials fill the gaps.

Brick and mortar These fences are the most popular, using bricks to form a pattern and mortar to set them in place.

Brick and iron Fans of traditional styles will love the combination of bricks and iron. They create a regal fence that epitomises luxury.

Garden walls Brick walls in the back garden are less about security and more about landscape design. However, they can look great and add visual interest to the space.

The benefits of brick fencing

We know that bricks are more expensive than wood or cheaper materials. There's no disputing that. However, bricks have numerous benefits that set them apart from other fence materials.

Understanding them can help you decide whether to opt for bricks or a cheaper solution.


Most UK homes are made from bricks, which is a testament to their durability. Bricks are made by firing materials like clay and concrete at high temperatures, resulting in a study finish. They can handle all types of weather; most will last years without maintenance.

Sure, wood is cheaper - but it also requires more maintenance. Heavy winds can cause damage, while wooden fences require frequent touch-ups. So, even though the initial costs are lower, they'll mount up over the years.

Once you spend the initial money on bricks, you can sit back and relax.


As mentioned, bricks are versatile building materials available in various colours and finishes. Head to any brick finder, and you'll notice neutral tones, such as clay red, black, and grey, as well as bolder colours, including blue and green.

Whether you want to keep it simple with traditional bricks or go for a more contemporary look, you'll find suitable styles. It's also easy to arrange bricks into patterns, creating visual detailing and putting your stamp on the design.


According to Howden Insurance, nine of ten thefts begin in gardens, but heightened security can stop people from entering your outdoor space. While wooden fences provide some protection, they're easier for people to break through.

Bricks are solid and more challenging for would-be burglars, giving you extra security.

Fire resistance

Brick is a fire-resistant material, making it a good choice for gardens. Whether it's a BBQ or general fire, flames that come into contact with wood will inevitably spread.

However, using bricks in your outdoor space protects the rest of your property against fires. Even though the UK isn't prone to wildfires, brick fences still offer peace of mind.

Brick fencing inspiration

The best thing about bricks is their versatility. You can create all sorts of designs, going beyond just colour choices. With that in mind, let's explore winning combinations that add style and character to any outside space.

Bricked entryways

Bricked entryways always make an impression, whether it's a luxury hotel, home or any other building. Brick pillars can support a metal gate, while lower areas of brick fencing add to the scene.

The best thing about using bricks for gate entrances is you can make them look modern or stick with traditional aesthetics.

Get colourful

Who says you need to stick with traditional red clay bricks? There are so many colours available, each offering a unique appeal. Dark tones of black and grey suit contemporary designs, while white bricks add a touch of European style.

If you're feeling bold and brave, why not use vibrant colours to make your mark on any fence? Whether it's blue, green, or even yellow bricks, the possibilities are endless.

Brick and wood combinations

If you love the traditional look of wood but want more security and durability, opting for a brick and wood combination could be the perfect compromise. Bricks can form the base of your fence, while white or dark fencing can sit at the top.

Remember, bricks and wooden panels have a lot of visual detail, so keeping the colours natural is best.

Introduce patterns

Patterns are a fantastic way to inject personality into a brick fence without going overboard. You can do so much with bricks, including creating different colour combinations or laying them in a basket-weave design.

Another popular (and easy) way to add visual detail and texture to bricks is stacking them horizontally and vertically, creating a unique pattern.

Brick hedges

When constructed properly, brick hedges can be beautiful, creating a balance of architecture and nature. Half brick walls can form the foundation, while the hedges create a lush finish.

With some minor maintenance, brick hedges will create a focal point for the rest of your property, giving it endless curb appeal.

Final thoughts

Brick fences require an initial investment in time and money, but the results are worth it. With some creativity, you can create a stunning structure that lasts for years.

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