Incredible Brickwork Patterns From Around The World

Incredible Brickwork Patterns From Around The World

February 22nd 2024

Bricks have been around longer than any of us, with archaeologists dating them back to 7,000 BC. Renowned for their durability and longevity, buildings worldwide use bricks to form the exterior and interior.

However, bricks don't need to be boring - and, despite many buildings using similar patterns, some architects go all out to create something spectacular.

In this guide, we'll reveal some incredible brickwork patterns worldwide and what makes them unique.

Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Let's dive in.

Studio KO: Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Head to the stunning city of Marrakech in Morocco, and you can visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Dedicated to one of history's most prolific designers, visitors can step inside and marvel at this luxury brand.

The museum's main premise is to educate people about the brand, but the stunning architecture from Studio KO makes an immediate impression. The architects used bricks to create an inspiring structure resembling popular fabrics.

From deep red colours outside to lavish designs inside, the museum shows us that bricks can be just as luxurious as marble.

See the project.

Michan Architecture and Grupo Nodus: Z53 Social Housing

We all know that traditional social housing tends to be lacklustre and more about practicality than aesthetic appeal, but Mexico City decided to do something very different with this housing project.

Enlisting the help of world-renowned architects, they created a beautiful building with contemporary and traditional features. The architects created unique walls using deep red bricks that naturally respond to the light and shadows, resulting in a streamlined interior.

When looking at the building, you'll notice how the bricks immediately attract attention, highlighting their natural beauty.

See the project.

Marlies Rohmer: Fusion

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful architecture, so it's no surprise that Fusion found its place on our list.

As a centre for Islamic culture, the building attracts Muslims from all backgrounds; the architect drew inspiration from typical architecture found in the Middle East, creating a rustic building that utilises visual details.

With its unique aesthetic, the centre combines contemporary elements and rustic details for an eye-catching finish.

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LINK: Norrtalje Mortuary

A mortuary probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about incredible brickwork patterns, but this unique building will take your breath away. It looks relatively simple and minimalistic, with clean lines and streamlined bricks.

However, the inside makes for a welcome place to remember loved ones and get ready to say goodbye. With stunning brickwork patterns adding visual detail to the aesthetic, the mortuary manages to promote peace.

The best thing is that the designs used are pretty simple - with the right knowledge.

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Cottrell and Vermeulen: Brentwood 6th Form Centre

Located in Essex, Brentwood 6th Form Centre would seem like any other educational institution - until you set eyes on it. Designed by talented architects, the centre takes inspiration from traditional British design, with brickwork facades that form intricate patterns.

Its red bricks and pointed roofs are reminiscent of Hampton Court Palace, creating a beautiful building for students to prepare for University.

What makes this building really special is its simplicity. The architects didn't combine complex materials or create dramatic sculptures; they let the bricks speak for themselves.

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Kennedy and Violich: Wegmans Hall

While some buildings are there to look pretty, others carry the interior theme outside. That's exactly what the architects designing Wegmans Hall did. As an Institute of Data Science, the building's exterior cleverly uses bricks as digital pixels, creating an intricate display.

The architects describe the project as creating textural and dynamic details that change depending on the time of day, with shadows forming to create visual interest.

If you ever visit Rochester University, you'll notice this beautiful building.

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Marks Barfield: Cambridge Central Mosque

As Cambridge's first purpose-built mosque, this building combines British architecture while retaining its Islamic identity. Marks Barfield was asked to design a mosque that maintained tradition while also being for the future.

The result? An energy-efficient mosque with a tasteful brick exterior that leaves room for stunning details. You'll notice the patterns that protrude and resonate with Arabic calligraphy, along with a beautiful vault structure.

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Finding inspiration for your builds

When considering modern brick designs, it's crucial to consider numerous factors, including how much you're willing to spend and if you can find the right architect or landscaper to bring your vision to life.

Think about the where

Bricks are highly versatile, and different types can support a range of structures. For example, if you're building a home, you might want to stick with red bricks or other alternatives offering longevity.

Outdoor areas can use bricks for landscaping, and there's also the opportunity to source recycled bricks, making the project more environmentally friendly.

Consider the what

What do you want to create? Are you going for a traditional style that celebrates the Victorian era in all its glory? Or do you want to inject contemporary design into your brickwork for a modern building that has a seamless style?

Understanding your goal will help you create a stunning finish that aligns with your vision and blends with the overriding theme.

Don't forget the how

It can be so easy to get carried away and let your vision expand. However, knowing how to achieve your brickwork pattern is key to finishing the job. You might need support from a talented architect or a reliable brick supplier - like Brickhunter!

Whatever your needs are, considering them before starting the project enables you to make realistic changes without compromising too much.

We're here for you

Bricks always have been - and will continue to be - a top choice for builders and architects alike. Their sheer versatility means anything is possible when you use them, and we've seen some incredible brickwork patterns in this post.

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