How You Can Sell Bricks Through Brickhunter

June 15th 2022

How you can sell bricks through brickhunter.

If you're a stockist looking to sell more bricks, then our site is a great way of doing it, by selling to our customers around the country.

In this post we're looking at how we can sell bricks on your behalf and how you upload your brick stock portfolio to our site.

It's through a system called the Stock Member Network. It's our way of getting your products on our site and making sure that you are able to service enquiries from a nationwide customer base.

We already work with stockists all over the country, so you'd be joining over 125 organisations comprising of 1000s of branches who stock their bricks on Brickhunter. If you're described below then this system is for you.

What companies do Brickhunter work with?

You may be wondering whether our network and members portal is for you.

The truth is we serve everyone from smaller independents to larger national stockists, all over the UK. In fact, that's what makes the site so popular. We serve customers nationwide, so it makes sense for local stockists to be on the site too.

As mentioned above, we work with many stockists and the number is growing all the time. Merchants have received over £70 million in sales through our marketplace selling bricks to customers out of their geographical area.

So how does it work?

What is the Brickhunter Stock Member Network?

We of course needed a way of making it easy for our stockists to upload their stock. So, we created this service.

At the heart of the service is our stockist portal. This doesn't go to another dimension, but it does give you access to our back-end system. This lets brick stockists upload brick type, quantity, and prices to our commerce platform.

These products are then visible to our sales team. They'll sell your bricks nationwide to customers depending on quantity required and location.

Why is this useful?

This system, which you can access at any time, puts your stock at the fingertips of thousands of homeowners, traders, contractors and more around the country.

That we can quote using your stock means that we do the work of presenting it to end users arriving on our site. It's a way of getting brick stock in front of people you might not have otherwise sold to.

It's one of the many reasons stockists work with us. We also offer a number of membership levels to make it as appealing a prospect as possible.

What does membership to our network look like?

Whether you're happy to do things yourself or want a helping hand and extra services whilst using our system, we offer a number of options for you.

Free Forever

Any stockist can sign up to receive login details to sign in to our Stock Member network. You can upload your stock free of charge and it's then up to you to update it on the system.

If you're happy to check this regularly yourself and keep things up to date, this is a great opportunity you should take advantage of.

Paid Membership - £30 + VAT /month

With this membership, we do the work for you. Once we have your stocklist with quantities and prices, we'll upload it to the system ourselves, taking a big job off your hands.

You can inform us about updated stock as regularly as you'd like, and we'll update it for you on the system.

Sign up today and get your bricks in front of thousands of customers

If this sounds like something that would benefit your business, get in touch, and sign up today.

If you have any questions about what the Stock Member Network entails, we'd be happy to chat.