£5 Donated To Sheffield Children's Hospital For Every Trustpilot Review

May 7th 2021

£5 Donated To Sheffield Children's Hospital For Every Trustpilot Review

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How do you get people to leave positive feedback?

It's a question we were asking ourselves recently at Brickhunter.

Of course, the main thing you've got to do is provide quality service, which has never been the problem for us!

But we can't back up the statement above if we don't have reviews from happy customers! And sometimes you have to push a little harder to get those.

So, we decided that rather than bribing people (probably not the most honest approach) we'd give something away in return for other people helping us out.

Tell me more!

That's why we're giving away £5 for every each and every Trustpilot review we receive - good or otherwise.

That way our customers can feel like they're doing good, we get our much-needed reviews and you're indirectly helping real people in need.

Every time a customer submits a review on Trustpilot, one of the internet's most trusted sources of consumer confidence, we'll send £5 to our chosen charity.

It's as simple as that. More than 50 people have already left us a review since we started the campaign!

We've also made it super simple for our customers to do it. Once your bricks have been delivered, you'll receive an invitation from us that will take you straight to our Trustpilot page with a single click.

Of course, anyone who's benefited from our service or content is welcome to drop us a review at any time.

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Where's the money going?

For those generous stars we're donating to Sheffield Children's Hospital AKA The Children's Hospital Charity.

The work this charity and hospital do saves lives and improves the quality of life for seriously ill children.

Here's some specific things the money will be going towards, that you'll indirectly have a hand in funding.

New Cancer Ward

The hospital is one of 20 principal treatment centres for cancer and leukaemia in children in the UK and treats children of all ages in the surrounding regions.

Children in this facility receive excellent care from dedicated and exceptional doctors and nurses, but the facilities themselves need to improve to match that quality.

Treatments can take a long time and, in some cases, children will have to stay for weeks. During Covid-19 that has been especially challenging for both the children and their families as this has often taken place in isolation.

To make this difficult experience more bearable, the hospital wants to improve the ward and create new rooms that provide a dignifying environment that can reasonably be called a home for the time they are there.

For this they need to raise £2.75 million. For more info click here.

Covid-19 Appeal

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for most of us, but for none more so than the most vulnerable in society, including those in hospitals.

Many challenges remain and the extra costs associated with maintaining safety for patients and staff will continue for a long time yet.

Covering these costs is an added strain on the charity and they need all the help they can get to create a safe environment.

For more info, click here.

The Helipad

How quick they are able to get patients to critical care in the Emergency Department, can be the difference between life or death.

In most cases, the fastest way to do this is by helicopter. These air ambulances have somewhere to land nearby to the hospital but it is far from ideal.

Currently they can only land during daytime hours as there is inadequate lighting at the current landing site. This window is reduced further during the winter.

Not only this but once they've landed patients have to be transported on foot across a busy main road to get to the ED, wasting valuable seconds at a pelican crossing.

The hospital needs a helipad on the roof, complete with flood lights and a heated surface (to prevent ice and frost in the cold months) in order to greatly improve the ease with which they can get emergency patients into essential care.

The total cost of this would be £6 million.

For more info click here.

Emergency Department Improvements

The final campaign the money would be going towards that we want to highlight here is improvements and additions to the Emergency Department at SCH.

This department provides care for children across the region and because of restrictions imposed by the pandemic has had to take in far more children than normal. This has worked out as double the number of patients the ward was meant for.

Some of the money will go towards helping the doctors and nurses who do amazing work in this department, to provide expert care to a wide range of patients.

For more info, click here.

How did we choose the charity?

Choosing a charity was always going to be a difficult decision as there are many worthy causes out there. Indeed, there are even be some more closely related to the construction industry.

However, TCHC/SCH was a clear winner for us.

We love the work the hospital is doing and there is a clear way in which this money will help them. It's also an incredible local charity. As a South Yorkshire based business, this was an organisation that felt close to our hearts.

We hope you agree that we made a good choice in choosing this charity.

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