Brickhunter Is 15 Years Old

September 25th 2019

Brickhunter Is 15 Years Old

We're delighted to be celebrating our 15th birthday this month, and wanted to share with you some parts of our journey so far. We've learned a lot of things, some goals have been reached and we're on the way to others.

In The Beginning

According to research, only 50% of businesses will make it to five years old, and only 30% will make it to 10 years. Therefore to make it to 15 we feel lucky, but we also feel indebted to all of those people who've helped us get to this point.

When I created this business back in 2004, I wanted to help people. The goal was never to make a fortune and ride off into the sunset. I firmly believe that it's because of this that we are still succeeding to this day. I wanted to primarily help customers and suppliers. I wanted to be the bridge that meant customers were looked after and educated, meaning suppliers of brick could sell their products in a simple way and expand their market nationwide via the internet.

Team Brickhunter

As the business developed I took on a new set of people to help - the staff of the business. When it began it was just my partner and I running things, but it didn't take long to begin relying on others to carry out my vision and for them to rely on me for their livelihoods. We now have multiple sales teams, and multiple back-office functions who deal with our customers and suppliers. Every day I wake up and feel a responsibility for those three groups of people, and that's what drives me to keep getting better at what we do.

The past is full of learning points, some small and some more important. I've changed how I phrase what we do a huge amount of times to contain a huge goal into a simple paragraph so as to not bore people. We've had ups and downs, but as long as you learn from every down, you will take at least one future mistake off the table so the future always looks clearer.

The End Result

What gives me great pride is seeing buildings we've helped to look beautiful: offices, shops and most importantly - people's homes. Whether we've taken a lot of effort to make sure the brick matches properly, or whether we've helped a customer navigate the thousands of bricks to choose the one they want for their property - these are the results that make me, and our teams the happiest.

What Next?

When I look to the future now, I firstly see a desire to do more - we want to help more customers, and more suppliers in turn employing more staff to help. We want to do it better. Technology is a huge part of any industry already but I believe it can do more for us and we're working to make better processes, and help customers more, before we've even spoken to them.

Finally I want to thank everyone who has supported us, in whatever way to get to this milestone. I see it as a point to reflect and review - and you all have my gratitude in reflection. To those who are unsure about us as a company, please take this opportunity to find out more - send me a message for us to talk, and consider us as a force for good.

Happy Birthday Brickhunter!

To our success,

Kevin Severn

Kevin Severn
Managing Director