Brick Engraving - Your Guide

November 5th 2019

Brick Engraving - Your Guide

A wall is usually made up of bricks which look the same, or a blend of colours to create a 'multi' effect. We're quick to notice when something is different.

Bricks don't always have to be identical. In the case of engraved bricks, each one is usually unique and personal.

The practice of Brick Engraving has several uses that you may not have considered. It can add something special to a building project and may even provide a way to help others in the process.

This Brick Belongs to...

Have you thought about raising funds with bricks?

'Buy a Brick' fundraising drives are reasonably common. They're a popular and effective way of raising money for a building project, path, garden or other charity endeavour.

The idea is each sponsor, donor or supporter buys a brick for your project and in return, they get their name engraved on it. It's popular because it's simple.

There's a clear benefit to the people involved meaning they're not just handing over cash with no personal thanks to show for it.

It's a nice touch and a way of involving lots of people in a community project. Individuals can take pride in their part played in the building of a sports hall, community centre or church. Those organising the fundraising have the freedom to price the bricks how they want and advertise it to their community and beyond.

In Loving Memory

Another popular use of engraved bricks is using them for commemorative purposes. There are few better ways of remembering someone special than including them as a lasting part of a building.

The bricks might be for a former member of a tennis club, an influential investor or supporter or simply dear old Gran. These can look great on a dedicated wall or even scattered throughout the building.

Something which is perhaps not as nice to think about is a memorial wall to a group of people. Where lives do need to be remembered, an engraved brick memorial often becomes a special place for people to visit.

Remembering and celebrating the lives of loved ones with an impressive legacy or those taken too soon is an important part of the community.

Brick engraving companies can engrave single bricks or arrange for fully engraved walls to be done. The flexibility is there and usually, there are solutions bespoke to your situation.

Of course, these bricks don't come out of the kiln readily engraved. So how does it all work?

What Will it Be? The Sandblaster or The Laser?

Engraving bricks is a fairly straight forward process but only if you have the right tools. There are three principal methods.

Laser engraving, Sandblasting and Pantographing are the main ways of engraving bricks. Laser engraving is probably the most popular method, simply because the results last.

Sandblasting uses epoxy resin, or paint to fill crevices in the brick, blasted - you guessed it - with a sort of high-powered sand gun. Pantographing, which is a process that dates back to the 17th century, does the same with crevices that have instead been chiselled into the surface.

These both look great initially, but before too long the filler wears away. The legacy of these bricks can look pretty miserable.

Laser engraving, on the other hand, is far more precise and isn't affected by the sands of time! This method is fairly self-explanatory; it involves a hot beam etching the surface with your chosen message or design, changing the composition of the brick as it does it.

The dark, glass-like mark stands out nicely on the chosen brick. The results are always impressive and importantly withstand wear and tear.

Red Bricks, Blue Bricks and More

When most people think of bricks, they're probably picturing a typical red, or yellow looking house. However, with over 3,500 different brick types, unfortunately, it's not that simple.

We can match your bricks to your existing brickwork, or help you navigate the different bricks to choose one for your new project. We can get a brick or two engraved as part of this process.

All of the available clay and concrete bricks can be engraved. You could choose to engrave your regular house brick, or one of your special shaped bricks, depending on where you want the message to be shown.

Follow the Whatever Brick Road

Sometimes the project won't be a free-standing structure but rather an area of brick paving. Paving bricks also come in a variety of colours.

Standard concrete pavers are normally found in red, grey, cream and blue tones. The grey pavers look pretty spectacular with gold fill. This sort of engraved brick is used everywhere from a private school entrance to Anfield football stadium.

For an alternative to concrete, clay pavers add character when used on a whole path and can give each brick a bit more individuality, and as a result a more impressive paved area.

There are plenty of places that offer all of these options such as or

Add That Extra Special Touch

Maybe you've got a building project on the go? How do you go about getting these engraved bricks that are going to add that extra special touch?

Well, it doesn't have to be hard. The above websites offer a brick engraving service and will deliver to your specifications.

If you buy bricks with us for your self-build, extension or other building project let our sales team know and we'll help you source the engraved bricks you need to commemorate a loved one or leave your mark.

Do you need brick engraving as part of our service to you? Let us know in our Brick Matching or Brick Selection processes and we'll endeavour to sort it for you.